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Hello everyone, how are you today? Wish you are always healthy and happy. Always think positive and happy, because we have to make our own joy, through our positive thoughts.

Okay, guys, speaking of our minds, sometimes we feel paranoid and scared for no reason. It could be that this is created by our negative thoughts, aka dark thoughts. Because of fear, sadness is not without cause, but because of the absence of joy in our hearts. It is the same with darkness, which exists in the absence of light. But it turns out that darkness, anxiety, paranoia, horror, are interesting things from an artistic perspective. Many designers devote their negative energy to amazing work. Even in the industrial world, fear is the material for making horror films. Even dark horror elements are often added to complement the designer’s feelings.

Therefore, Design4months also creates effects with elements of darkness. A very dark text effect, which can be used for the design of posters, flyers, or other dark shades. Those of you who often use PSD text effects must be very familiar with the smart object feature. Yes, that’s right, with it you can easily change the text according to your design.

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Format: Photoshop
Layered: Yes
Author: Design4months
Smart Object: Yes
Size:  11 MB

License: Free for personal use and commercial use

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